[Asterisk-Users] Anyone using the new TE405P?

Adam Goryachev mailinglists at websitemanagers.com.au
Wed Mar 10 17:19:29 MST 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 03:11, Scott Stingel wrote:
> Hello-
> I'm considering some TE405P's for a customer of mine.  This is the 5 volt
> version of the TE410P.
> Digium is now shipping these - does anyone have production experience with
> these cards in the field?

yes, was there something more you wanted to know?

PS, We are using one with a single PRI on our PBX and it has been
perfectly stable. Note the email I will send later today regarding the
problems we are having which are probably just config/version issues.


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