[Asterisk-Users] IAX Connection-Latency/Bandwidth Question

Dean Collins dean at collins.net.pr
Wed Mar 10 17:55:21 MST 2004

Are you going to be routing all of your calls from the remote office
back through your pabx onto the PSTN or are you assuming that they have
no need for local calls?

If so how many calls do you expect over the network at any one time?


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I am new to * here and have a question....

We are installing * currently in the US.  We have a small remote office
overseas.  We would like to enlarge that office to about 20 people using

My questions are:

 1.  I pinged the website of the ISP twice from the dsl line I am on
perhaps is not as fast as our T1 line in our office but the following is
average ping times were 216ms, 229 ms,  133 ms, 142 ms, 329 ms, 251 ms (
that enough?  :) )

Is anyone running IAX connection with this type of latency?  How is the
quality of the connection?

2.  Is 2 MBPS DSL fast enough to handle the connection for 20 users?

Thank you for your information.


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