[Asterisk-Users] app_prepaid.c

Alexander Romanov alex at rnsinternational.com.au
Wed Mar 10 16:37:09 MST 2004

Hi guys,

Has anyone played around/got it to work app_prepaid.c?
With what data do you populate the database with cards, providers,
tariffs, tariffrates etc.. (format) to make it work. What is the
meaning/purpose of each table/field?

I am getting stuck here:

Mar 11 10:33:28 DEBUG[1255670720]: app_prepaid.c:253
prepaid_ivr_authorize: app_prepaid: SQL Authorize command as follows:
SELECT * FROM asterisk_authorize('standard','61294332207') AS
authorize(rate integer, tech text, prefix text, ipaddress text)
Mar 11 10:33:28 DEBUG[1255670720]: rtp.c:950 ast_rtp_raw_write:
Difference is 86856, ms is 10877
Mar 11 10:33:28 DEBUG[1255670720]: channel.c:956 ast_settimeout:
Scheduling timer at 160 sample intervals
    -- Playing 'prepaid-dest-unreachable' (language 'en')


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