[Asterisk-Users] Voicemail: Does the numbering of files follow file age?

Stephen R. Besch sbesch at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Mar 10 16:00:16 MST 2004

I have noticed that the voicemail app always keeps filenames in in a 
strict numerical sequence, obviously renaming files whenever a message 
is deleted. I assume that message processing depends upon this 
sequencing. Does the file age make any difference in determining the 
numerical ordering (i.e., do the oldest files have the lowest numbers). 
While this should be true by default in the INBOX folder, it would not 
necessarily be true in any of the other folders, unless they are 
explicitly sorted and renamed every time another new message is copied 
into the folder. In short, are the files sorted into chronological order 
when they are renamed?

Stephen R. Besch

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