[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk Codecs [G.729]

Kaydon Stanzione kstanzione at advancedlogicsys.com
Wed Mar 10 05:12:35 MST 2004

i'm looking for a G.729 codec that will work with an IAX client. anyone have
any ideas here?
alex, enjoyed the article - the codecs are explained at


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Have a look at the following document. I know it is not *exactly* what you
are asking, but it gives you an idea on how the actual bandwidth consumption
changes depending on the actual network medium you are utilizing.
Have fun.
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Hello all,
I'm looking for advice for codec that works best for asterisk.  Anyone has
real testing with all codecs, specially with G.729.  I have tested with
single call on few codecs that come with asterisk by using IPTraf and the
rate as of below:
ulaw 64 Kbps, sample-based Also known as alaw/ulaw 166kbits/sec
alaw 64 Kbps, sample-based Also known as alaw/ulaw 167kbits/sec
gsm 13 Kbps (full rate), 20ms frame size   66kbits/sec
speex 2.15 to 44.2 Kbps     n/a
iLBC 15Kbps,20ms frame size: 13.3 Kbps, 30ms frame size 57.6kbits/sec
G.729 8 Kbps, 10ms frame size    license
Have anyone test it with G.729?  Please let me know.

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