[Asterisk-Users] H.323 call return code handling

Paul Cheng asterisk at klarium.com
Mon Mar 8 17:38:25 MST 2004


Has anyone out there had any luck with channel return codes with 
chan_h323? It seems that the h323 return codes are in the channel 
driver for for h.323 debug messages, but for some reason, there is no 
distinction between busy and congestion returning to Asterisk, so it's 
not possible to tell if the call terminated because of the line was 
busy or because the call was unsuccessful for another reason.

Perhaps I'm missing something. Otherwise, the chan_h323 works like a 

If anyone has any experience with distinguishing between busy and 
congestion (or for that matter any other return code), I'd be most 
grateful for some pointers.


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