[Asterisk-Users] BCM Wireless SIP Phone

Andrew Gillham gillham at vaultron.com
Wed Mar 10 00:01:07 MST 2004

Steven Thomas wrote:

> *Hi,*
> Has anyone tried this Wireless SIP phone with Asterisk?  If so, any 
> limitations?  Thanks.
> http://www.bcm.com.tw/product/productIS.htm

This WiFi phone and the Zyxel Prestige that was just mentioned both look 
the Pulver WiSIP phone.  Since that works I would tend to assume they 
all will.

I don't know if BCM is the OEM on this product or not, but since I 
bought an IP
phone from ArrayVox that appears to be the same as the BCM HP300 I would 
assume they are
OEMing their products.


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