[Asterisk-Users] From 0 to PBX in 2 hours

amg at intercable.com.ve amg at intercable.com.ve
Tue Mar 9 13:16:18 MST 2004

Hi everyone,

As an newbie in * and knowing how hard Linux can be for starters (more if
you come from the world of MSwindows.), I triyed  a way to teach my
co-workers how to deploy fast and in less than two hours a small but
perfect working PBX.

I used the following equipment:

1 Clarent CPG 101 (A.K.A. D-link 104s) 4 FXS ports
1 PC Celeron 500Mhz 128MB Ram

The following software:
1 Mepis Installation CD,

and a cable Internet link.

Booted up the computer with the Mepis (Debian based) CD, installed Linux in
the Hard disk, 15 minutes or less. Updated the firmware and the boot prom
to  versions 3.0B35-C and 3.0B14-C in the Clarents respectively, runned
apt-get install asterisk, and then begun to figure out how to configure the
mgcp gateways. So far whe have deployed in two days 5 locations and
starting to connect Barquisimeto, Venezuela, with Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hope that helps someone and encourage others to start in this great world
of telecomunications


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