[Asterisk-Users] Most common CODEC

hank hank at hanksmith.net
Tue Mar 9 09:30:38 MST 2004

does g711 work with touch tones?
I know g723 sucks at touch tones
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> >      I am not trying to start a codec war or find out which is the best
> > protocol.  What I need to know is when I buy a Grandstream phone, a
> > phone, a Sippura adaptor or any other hard phone, what codec is usually
> > supported by all of them.  All of them obviously support G.711 but that
> > is not the best for use when connecting through the Internet.  Is it
> > worthwhile to buy G.729 licenses for Asterisk, or is there another codec
> > that is wildly supported buy most phones?
> G.711 is more or less the universal protocol.  No, you have no bandwidth
> savings but if you're going for lowest-common-denominator, there it is.
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> Andrew
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