[Asterisk-Users] Most common CODEC

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Tue Mar 9 09:14:01 MST 2004

> >G.729 is just about everywhere.  A lot of boxes use G.723 (and/or G.726) too
> >but G.729 ends up with about the same quality but at a much lower bit rate.
> >
> That's wrong. G.723 has the lowest bit rate amongst those codecs.
> >Most inexpensive "hard" phones don't use G.723 because it takes a lot of CPU
> >power.  G.729 gets better results in the same or less CPU.  We always try to
> >
> That's not the reason. It costs money, takes some a DSP's usually 
> limited memory space, and doesn't serve much purpose. The CPU 
> requirements for G,723 are not much different from G.729. G.723 is 
> basically obsolete. G.729 has passed it by.
> >use phones supporting G.729, anything else is just gravy.  If you can use
> >
> That is certainly true. G.729 isn't very nice in many ways, but it is 
> the common ground codec you find across most VoIP kit.

The 'which codec' question is likely to come up more frequently over time.
Would it be reasonable for someone to start a wiki page(s) that might 
summarize which products support which codecs (kind of a spreadsheet-like
table or something)?

I've only got a couple of sip hard phones, but if I had an interest in moving
towards g.729 (as an example), having some reference would certainly be 
of value in making some of those type decisions.

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