[Asterisk-Users] windows alternitives to Asterisk?

Michael Devenijn Michael.Devenijn at dkma.be
Tue Mar 9 02:09:50 MST 2004

- The whole toolset running on W32 is already ODBC (in fact it's the only way ... )
- Once i reach stabilty i will try to convert it to fully DB independant 
- The reloading thing ... i leave it to others ... once it is possible i'll make things executable

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	Contact me at your earliest convenience, we would be immediately interested in the product for our CLEC for provisioning services to our customers.
	Couple of issues for us:
	- Would need to support MySQL and Oracle (should be easy to switch to ODBC instead of Postgresql specific functions)
	- Need a way to change settings on * without "reloading"... I found something that is no longer maintained that can do this, see http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=Asterisk%20cmd%20DynExtenDB
	     We already got the SIP features in http://bugs.digium.com/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=0001086 applied which takes care of adding customers
	- Would need to support virtual PBX concept for a large carrier deployment and thousands of businesses
	- Would need to support management of clustered * servers which should be taken care of by the above 2 links and a shared file system for VM and ACD (which would be cool if it was stored in an SQL DB too)
	And much much more but the above a biggies for us.

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		I'm working on a "abstraction" toolset for asterisk, some screenshots : 
		some technical details : 
		- Fully based on a Postgresql DB (+/- 40 tables)
		- Extensive use of macro's in the extensions.conf
		- some little patches to the asterisk source (additions) to extend the manager capability
		- a layer between the manager port and the PGSQL written in C (to prevent that each separate client would connect to the manager interface)
		- some AGI scripts (written in C) to fulfill some needs which are not build in asterisk for example : 
		redirect through drag&drop.
		- A program (written in C) which extracts all the info from de Pgsql and converts it to the needed * conf files upon request 
		- goal : >>everything<< works on Win32 clients : configuration, outlook integration , panel programs, attendant program ... so we could sell a standard box plug it to the PSTN network and the ethernet, install the sotware on a W32 client and off they go without the explicit knowledge of linux. the sound files (will be uploaded on a FTP on the box and copied to the appropriate destination with the some program as one point above
		I especially developed these toolset "arround" asterisk, so i do not need the take in account the Asterisk license except for the patches which will be published. 
		development status : 
		- First tests are positive
		- Working on the last "big" point is the extended (graphical call router to easily design IVR's)
		- Working on a .NET SDK which also is a abstraction.
		- Timing end of march ... but as everybody knows .... it could take some more time.
		Some personal statements :
		- I know it is not very good to develop for windows but this is the only way for me and for th major Small businesses outside ... and if there are some enthousiast to convert it to a linux platform ... go ahead.
		- For the moment it is quit oriented on a combination of ISDN hardware (capi.conf) and cisco phones. once this is working without major bugs i will extend it to (IAX.conf ... and other things)
		- My only goal to develop this is to get asterisk on bigger user basis
		- What i regret is the lack of developement of a interface between asterisk and other software (for windows TAPI for example) i asked many times some basic questions about the manager interface but nobody seems to be interested ! i strongly belief this would be a major break through. but i do not have enough C++ and/or Linux knowledge (and TIME ) to develop these features. 
		The sourcecode ??? 
		- Well lets play it tricky ... i'm going to publish all of the code under GPL if i see some changes to latest point i mentioned just above. (and don't try to convince me with "ethical" arguments, i'm now trying for 3 years to make some "descent" money with integration of open source software and i see it as a win/win operation)
		Just fire me !!!

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			On Monday 08 March 2004 13:59, hank smith wrote:
			> is there a program that I can install on my linux box so I can
			> configure the pbx from the internet from my windows box so I don't
			> have to work with config files?
			In a word, no.  There are a few GUI applications in the process of
			being developed, but most of them are a substitute only for using an
			editor on the Linux machine, not a full-fledged abstraction from the
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