[Asterisk-Users] SIP - Receptionist

George Pajari George.Pajari at NetVoice.ca
Tue Mar 9 01:55:08 MST 2004

Willy wrote to the Asterisk users list:

> I am thinking about fork-lift-upgrading a
> Nortel-Meridian key system...
> The receptionist, however, is currently used seeing a
> backlit display - with buttons - attached to her phone -
> showing all the extensions in the office, and who's has
> a conversation going etc....

Take a look at the new SNOM 220 (http://www.snom.com/snom220_en.php) 
with the Key Expansion Module. You can have up 60 extensions represented 
on dedicated keys. Unfortunately the phones will not be shipping for at 
least another month or two. Which also means we haven't had a chance to 
try them out with Aseterisk yet.

We've got one on order and will let the list know more about how it 
works with Asterisk as soon as we can. If you're in Canada we'd be happy 
to sell you one. If you're in the US, you can contact  SNOM's US 
distributor (Kevin Moroz, kmoroz at abpintl.com) for information.


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