[Asterisk-Users] ISDN BRI VoIP & Internet

David Uzzell david-lists at uzzell.com.au
Mon Mar 8 16:52:54 MST 2004

Thanks for your advice also Colin, I would like to stay away from POTS 
cards in the server but it is an option if all else fails.

Philipp von Klitzing wrote:
> Hi!
>>What I want to look at having a Small Home Office setup were I can use 
>>the 1 BRI for both DID and Internet at the same time.
>>Is it possible to use something like a FRITZ! ISDN BRI card to have full 
>>time Internet on one of the B channels and have the other B channel for 
>>* for both incomming and outgoing calls? 
> Should work. 
> However chan_capi apparently cannot tell if a B channel is already in use 
> by another application (that manages your dial-up). So that means you 
> either need to have devices=1 (instead of 2) in /etc/asterisk/capi.conf 
> to permanently assign one B channel for Internet dialup only, or you live 
> with the fact that once in a while chan_capi will return a busy when you 
> try to use two (outgoing) B channels while Internet traffic is on.
> Not sure how i4l works in this respect.

Cool thanks for that.

Would the FRITZ! card be best suited to this or would something else be 
better suited?



>>and even to be able to have 2 BRI's in the future and have them split
>>between internet and external lines. 
> Should work, although stability *might* be an issue. There are even 
> reports about 3 cards in one system.
> Philipp
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