[Asterisk-Users] Limiting simultaneous inbound SIP calls

Paul Crick web-asterisk-users at ivrl.com
Mon Mar 8 14:56:17 MST 2004

I've had a quick look over the wiki and played around with my config a bit
but still can't seem to come up with an easy answer to what I want to do..

I have an Asterisk box set up and have a DID from iconnecthere. They allow
multiple simultaneous inbound calls to that number. My question is: Is there
any way to limit at my end the number of calls received?

Initial thoughts are to use a counter, increment on call presentation,
decrement on call tear down, and give the inbound call busy or congestion
treatment if the counter is above a certain value when the call is

I played with incominglimit in sip.conf and that worked fine for my local
SIP devices but I don't think it can be applied to peers that I've
registered with via a "register =>" type line?

Thanks in advance

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