[Asterisk-Users] windows alternatives to Asterisk?

Jim Sneeringer j at snee.us
Mon Mar 8 14:20:54 MST 2004

Theoretically, Samba should do it. See samba.org.

Unfortunately, it has not fully worked for me. Linux can see my Windows
files, and Windows can see the Linux box but can not sign on. I've tries
using the Linux sign-on and password, and also make entries in smbuser.conf,
but had no luck. I'm sure it is some small configuration glitch, but I
haven't solved it yet.

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is there a program that I can install on my linux box so I can configure the
pbx from the internet from my windows box so I don't have to work with
config files?
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> hank smith wrote:
> > hello I am just curious if there is any windows alternitives to
> > can I also use them with free world dialup?
> > thanks
> > hank
> No, but maybe you could port Asterisk to Windows. No, that's not a joke.
> The Zaptel drivers might be tough, but Asterisk's VoIP features would
> probably run under Cygwin without too high a mountain of work.
> Regards,
> Steve

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