[Asterisk-Users] Max # of callers in a conference...

C. Johnson javadude at cedrick.net
Sun Mar 7 12:20:36 MST 2004

> What is the max # of callers that can
participate in a 
> conference call? A meetme style call, if it
makes any 
> difference. I have googled and looked around and
cannot find 
> any limit.

I have anywhere from 15, to a peak max of 30
traders all using a meetme conf during the day. My
* is running on a old 4U dual proc 500Mhz machine
(one processor installed now).
With the exception of of a few problems from
software sip phones, our implementation has been
relatively problem free.

> Also, is there any way to configure it so that a
> extension can monitor the calls and optionally
intrude on the 
> calls happening on other extensions? This is
needed for a 
> quality assurance type of situation.

Here's how I have my conferencing setup:
;Squawk boxes for traders
exten => 7XX1,1,Meetme(7XX1|pqM)
;Firm-wide (NO PIN)
exten => 7XX2,1,Meetme(7XX2|pqM)
;Analysts (NO PIN)
exten => 7XX3,1,Meetme(7XX3|pqM)
;Bonds/Fixed Income (NO PIN)

exten => 7XX4,1,Meetme(7XX1|pqmM)       ;Firm-wide
exten => 7XX5,1,Meetme(7XX3|pqmM)
;Bonds/Fixed Income (NO PIN/LISTNONLY)

exten => 7XX6,1,Answer
exten => 7XX6,2,Authenticate(XXXXX)
exten => 7XX6,3,Meetme(7XX1|psaq)       ;Firm-wide

exten => 7XX7,1,Answer
exten => 7XX7,2,Authenticate(XXXXX)
exten => 7XX7,3,Meetme(7XX3|psaq)       ;Bonds/FI

exten => 7XX8,1,Meetme(|pM)             ;Welcome
Center, pick a conference and go to it

dunno if it helps, and there's probably a better
way, this is just what I use, and this is what
works for me.


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