[Asterisk-Users] E1 Red Alarm

Ejay Hire ejay.hire at isdn.net
Sat Mar 6 11:13:18 MST 2004

Hi.  Just for grins, reverse the BNC's.  You could have the
tx and rx crossed, happens all the time on ds-3's.  Also,
with the BNC's unplugged and hanging, You should have a
Yellow light on the Hdsl Box (I've always called that a
smartjack, but we call football soccer, so what do we know?
:) ).  If you don't get a yellow light with the BNC's
hanging then the smartjack probably has an internal loopback
set and you need to give your telco a call to clear it.

Good Luck,
Ejay Hire
ISDN-Net Network Engineer


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> Howdy -
> I'm trying to get a Malaysian PRI E1 up on a TE410P, with
no luck.  
> Right now, the setup is
> Telco -> HDSL -> WorldDSL UTU801-> 2 BNC E1 -> balun -> 
> crossover -> TE410P
> Right now, the CSU/DSU-ish WorldDSL box has a green light 
> indicating E1 
> sync, but the TE410P shows a red alarm.  I checked the
> by plugging 
> the crossover from port 1 to port 2 on the 410 (it worked 
> fine).  It I 
> change any of the cabling (i.e. swap things around), the
green light 
> goes off.
> I have my suspicions about the balun 
> (http://www.ctcu.com/catalog/datacom/balun.pdf).  Would a
> converter be better the the BNC-balun-RJ45 arrangement we
have now?
> Here's my zaptel.conf:
> span=1,1,0,ccs,hdb3
> bchan=1-15
> dchan=16
> bchan=17-31
> The telco line IS working; it was tested and put in a
couple of days 
> ago.  Any ideas why this isn't working?
> Nick
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