[Asterisk-Users] x100p Q.

Jon Lawrence jon at lawrence.org.uk
Sat Mar 6 03:03:48 MST 2004

Hi everyone.
I've now managed to my basic voip setup working, but I have a problem with my 
fxo cards.
If I plug the cards into the pstn line whilst a normall phone is also plugged 
in, the normal phone continually rings. I'm convinced that this is a problem 
with the wiring but I don't know what/why. The * box works perfectly (with 
the exception of the callerid) so long as I don't have another phone plugged 
in. I can't just unplug all the other phones - the sky box + alarm system 
must remain plugged in.
I can still ring out on the other phones and also on the * box, but the 
constant ringing is obviously a problem :)

Is this normal ?
Has anyone else seen this ?
fyi I'm based in the UK.

Jon Lawrence

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