[Asterisk-Users] Meetme 'd' and 'p' flags mutually exclusive with wcfxo driver but not ztdummy

brook davis dodecaphonic at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 23:14:53 MST 2004

Hi List,

I'm having some strange behaviour with the MeetMe app.  Recently installed a 
x100p on a friend's box.  I've been using conferencing at home fairly 
extensively, but have no zap interface here, so have been using ztdummy for 
my timer.

When I ported some of my extensions over to his box, I discovered something 
odd.  Dynamic conferencing and the exit on '#' features dont seem to play 
well together.  Moreover, the order of the flags in the argument to the 
MeetMe app determines the behaviour.  That is, if I pass the 'd' flag first, 
the conference is created, but I cannot exit...  It was suggested to me on 
IRC that the parking could be 'stealing' my # keypress away, but I am not 
sure this is the case, as the channel remains connected to the MeetMe 
conference, and further keypresses fail to produce any results either.  On 
the otherhand, if I pass the 'p' flag first, I get an invalid conference 
error.....  the 'p' flag works fine on static conferences.

Is this a bug, or a possible driver issue, or ......  any ideas?   I'm still 
learning on the configuration of zaptel devices and thier modules, but I 
have the card installed and tested and it seems to work fine.  I have only 
modprobed the wcfxo driver, which loaded that and the zaptel driver, which I 
gather is the timing interface that meetme needs to run.

If anyone thinks this might be system specific behaviour, or you can verify 
that you have/dont have this problem, please let me know and i'll post my 
lsmod info and all that good stuff for comparison.

Thanks in advance,



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