[Asterisk-Users] VMware, * and SJphone ... newbie

Jim Rosenberg jr at amanue.com
Wed Mar 3 19:40:15 MST 2004

> I've read and tried a LOT of sample config's for sip.conf and
> extensions.conf and no matter what I do I get registration error's when
> trying to get SJphone registered to my * server.  I have a XP VMware host
> with Redhat 9 / * as a guest.  The SJphone is on the host XP trying to
> register with the guest Redhat/* server.
> Any suggestions?  I think I'm just missing something stupid.

I'm used to the idea of using VMWare so that the adult operating system is 
the host, and the toxic delinquent is the guest, rather than vice versa, as 
you have it, so this may not pertain.

Check routing!!!

Do you have network connectivity between the host and guest *generally*? 
How do you have your networking set up? When Linux is the host, guests can 
be set up in a variety of configurations -- NAT, bridge, etc. With Linux as 
the host, routed can be somewhat cranky at routing from your host LAN to 
NATted VMs. Can you ping your host from the guest?

This may not be an Asterisk issue at all. It might be a networking issue.

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