[Asterisk-Users] Load average ...

Andrew McRory amcrory at linuxsys.com
Wed Mar 3 03:03:26 MST 2004

Sorry Floks for the noise.. it seems that this is only when using the 
sound card. Never found a reference to this is the archives or docs so I 
thought this reply might help some other newb.



On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Andrew McRory wrote:

> Hi Floks,
> I am just starting with * and while playing with the demo configuation I 
> notice that the CPU utilization is 98-100% no matter if I am leavin a 
> message or listening to the various voice prompts. Is this normal?
> The system is a P4 1.6GHz / 512MB running redhat 7.3 and kernel 2.4.22 
> from Fedora COre 1.
> Regards,

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