[Asterisk-Users] Small office requirements - Can this be done?

Steve Kennedy steve-asterisk at gbnet.net
Tue Mar 2 02:49:51 MST 2004

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 07:08:29PM -0600, Michael Graves wrote:

> I have disagree about the ADSL. I have a1.5 Mbit/512kbit service from
> Covad (in the US Southwest) and I have sustained 4 calls without a
> problem.  I prefer to use GSM over G.711to squeeze it down, but that is
> my choice. I don't feel that call quality is substandard.

That's the crunch (1.5/512) ... it's actually the 512 which is relevent.
Virtually all DSL in the UK is a wholesale product from BT (they have
about 2 million customers, Easynet who local loop unbundle may have
20,000, the rest of the providers maybe another 10,000 between them).

All BT ADSL is 256K upstream, all BT DSL is contented (in theory 20:1
and 50:1, but actually a lot less than that), there are a few providers
doing their own contention over BT's product.

However the 256K upstream is still the limiting factor, so you can get
one, and MAYBE two VoIP lines over it. If BT would up the upstream to
512, you could probaly get 4 out of it ....


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