[Asterisk-Users] Any Gentoo Users Running ASTERISK had problems on recent emerge -u world?

David Liu dtliu at scu.edu
Mon Mar 1 23:45:07 MST 2004

Just this past Saturday I did a emerge -u world.  Going through the package list, they all seemed fine so I let it go and update everything.  Among the things was mpg123-0.59s-r2.

Shortly after the upgrade, there seem to be immediate audio problems with users that are canreinvite=no  

So I stop gracefully and started asterisk again.  It failed to start, complaining about music on hold.  With some further investigation, I confirm it is to do with MPG123.  I had to downgrade it to mpg123-0.59q or 0.59r in order to start Asterisk successfully again.

Ok so Asterisk starts, but then, users who are canreinvite=no still have significant audio problems.  What I mean is sound quality is a bit choppy and delayed.  Like if you press a DTMF, it gets sent after about 10 to 20 seconds later.  Or if you say something, it takes 10 to 20 seconds for the other end to hear and the quality is no good either.

But I have tested to make sure all those devices that are canreinvite=no has a high speed back to Asterisk (approximately 700 to 800 kbps) and <250ms of latency.  

Everything used to work until emerge -u world........perhaps next time I shouldn't really do that until I test i on a test server....oh well...

Anybody had similiar problems?  Any ideas?

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