[Asterisk-Users] Block Callerid with VoicPulse Connect!

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Mon Mar 1 13:57:34 MST 2004

Thanks Andrew.  But it doesn't work either.

I believe that this must be done at the termination end point (VoicePulse
Asterisk Server) since the outbound is going to VoicePulse PSTN line
(PRI/T1).  They must set that option on their end.

However, technical support from VoicePulse said that they are working on it
to make it possible in the future.

What's a pain...


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> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Is there anyone know how to block callerid with VoicePulse Connect
> > outbound termination?  It's showing up 000-000-0000 when I call out.
> > Please show me the trick if you know how.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > -Tri.
> If you'll do a SetCallerID(your_number_here) you can set it to any
> number you wish.
> I read something a day or so about setting the restricted flag when
> calling over a PRI, but I've just been catching up on all the * mail so
> there's no telling when the email actually was sent.
> Anyway, they said set this as your callerid line for the device in
> (sip,h323,iax,or whatever they were working with)
> Callerid="Anonymous <9109970000>" ; number used for clarity purposes
> ; don't use this number, I made it up!
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