[Asterisk-Users] Small office requirements - Can this be done?

NetOne Administrator root at net1.cc
Mon Mar 1 10:25:35 MST 2004

Angel Gabriel wrote:

> I have 5 BT phone lines coming into my office. We use four for 
> international calls, and one for local/mobile calls. We have just 
> obtained another call carrier, and now we would like to be able to 
> make calls from any phone to any carrier, without having to remember 
> what details to tap into the phone. I would like all calls to be 
> prefixed with the relevant codes, so that my employees can all dial 
> direct. Also, incoming calls, I want them all redirected to just one 
> phone, the one in reception, and then diverted as required. Is the 
> above possible??

Yes it is. Digium cards and asterisk setup.

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