[Asterisk-Users] Answering Service Auto Login

Michael Blood, Matraex, Inc. Michael at Matraex.com
Wed Jun 30 16:11:00 MST 2004

I have looked at several IAX and SIP soft phones but I have been
disappointed with the sound quality on  my Windows XP Pro PC.
Also the GrandStream problem is that they don't yet support headsets.
When I turn auto answer on and I dial in it instantly picks up with the
speaker phone. But if I have the handset picked up when a call is coming
in the line is busy.
That means that the phone itself would require a headset jack that
operates like the speaker phone.

Thanks for the info.  

I wonder if all of the current answering services actually have to click
a button on a headset and on their screens?
Does anyone currently use asterisk in an answering service?  What kind
of phone/headset/call connection system do you use?


Michael Blood

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> So... a phone with auto answer COULD work if we could find an 
> inexpensive enough one (less than $150 would be okay) any suggestions 
> would be great.

The Grandstream phones now have that feature. You'd have to figure out 
how to replace the handset with a headset, though.

Apart from that you could look at a software phone like Steven Sokols
based phone, I think that one also has an auto-answer function. But
the quality of softphones tends to be worse than those of hardphones.

Cheers, Philipp

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