[Asterisk-Users] Registration of H323 Endpoints?

Brian Wilkins brian at hcc.net
Tue Jun 29 13:17:12 MST 2004

    I am using the asterisk-oh323 wrapper and I am looking to allow 
registration of h323 endpoints and allow Asterisk to act as a gateway. The 
idea is simple: H323 endpoints would register with Asterisk. They each would 
have their own internal extension (like SIP). If a H323 endpoint dials an 
outbound extension, then the h323 call gets routed to a H323 Gatekeeper which 
then terminates the call on an analog phone line. I've looked extensively for 
the solution, but to no avail. Is this possible? If not, what then would be a 
more common approach? I'm looking to allow hardphones or even soft h323 
phones to connect and place calls accordingly. 

Heritage Communications Corporation
  Melbourne, FL     USA     32935

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