[Asterisk-Users] incoming cid translation tables

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Tue Jun 29 11:28:48 MST 2004

How does one do translation for calls that come in from other pbx's
where the incoming caller ID is an internal extension number on their
pbx?  Eg.  when I get a call from Free-World-Dial the CID shows up as
"429102" which is essentially their internal extension number sans any
routing prefix.  To dial the number back I need to dial the extension
with FWD's routing prefix prepended or 1-393-942-9102.  Is there some
simple way to route all the incoming FWD calls to a context that
prepends "393-9" to their 6-digit prefixes?  (And for extra credit
"393-99" to their 5-digit prefixes?)  Unless I can fix up their CID,
the dialback buttons on the phone (and in voicemail) are useless.

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