[Asterisk-Users] DLink mgcp phone and CVS HEAD

Alexei Chetroi ast at lexa.uniflux-line.net
Tue Jun 29 08:14:09 MST 2004


 I'm playing around with Asterisk and DPH-100M (Dlink mgcp phone) on my
debian box. I've got stable version of Asterisk (packaged for debian)
working with dlink phone and 7910 from cisco (minimalistic
extensions.conf and chan_skinny for 7910) Everything works fine.

 Now I'm trying to get CVS HEAD working with MGCP. I want to test
chan_sccp (http://sourceforge.net/projects/chan-sccp/) and this compiles
for head only. I've successfuly compiled CVS version and installed it.
Chan_sccp works as I see, but strange things happens to dlink phone.
When I pick-up the phone I hear nothing, but after some period I hear
fast busy (or how is it called). If I press hook for very short period
(flash), than I can hear tone, but unable to dial extensions.

 Anybody experienced this? May mgcp debug be posted on list? 

 Thanks in advance.

Alexei Chetroi

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