[Asterisk-Users] SpanDSP Scrunching incoming faxes

lists-jmhunter jacob.hunter at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 17:00:53 MST 2004

I tested SpanDSP as an internal extension, and it worked like a charm.
 Now I am trying to receive faxes from a toll-free nufone DID.  I am
running g.711uLaw in on this line, so no to cause too many problems. 
However I receive the following errors after the fax is finished

so the fax comes in 

Executing RxFAX("IAX2[NuFone at]/5",
"/root/testfax9.tif") in new stack

then the errors

channel.c:1654 ast_set_read_format: Unable to find a path from ULAW to UNKN
app_rxfax.c:253 rxfax_exec: Unable to restore read format on
'IAX2[NuFone at]/5
channel.c:1621 ast_set_write_format: Unable to find a path from UNKN to ULAW
app_rxfax.c:259 rxfax_exec: Unable to restore write format on
'IAX2[NuFone at]/5'

I googled around and could not find anything pertaining to this problem.

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