[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk Flah Operator Panel show iax2 trunk

Justin Carlson justin at lach.net
Mon Jun 28 12:02:05 MST 2004

Thank you for the prompt reply but when I add 7;8;9, in my button number
field the iax2 button goes away.  i just got .10 today

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 11:51, Nicolas Gudino wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> Justin Carlson wrote:
> > We use an IAX2 trunk to our remote office and would like for the
> > receptionist to be able to transfer incoming calls from this trunk.  but
> > all calls come in as one user, Is there a way to get a breakout on the
> > flash GUI of the incoming calls?
> I'm working exactly on it right now. The way I am handling the IAX or 
> any other VOIP trunk is maybe limited, but I couldn't find a better aproach.
> Basically, you can have one line in op_buttons.cfg for IAX users, like 
> "IAX2[guest]" for Iaxtel. In the button number, you can add as many as 
> you like, eg:  1;2;3;4;5;6. The server then populates the buttons as 
> they are being used. If you have only one call, it will show it in 
> button 1, if you have more, it will use the remaining buttons. If you 
> exceed the number of buttons, the rest of the calls will not show up.
> This is working now, but only for showing info (in the online demo there 
> are three iaxtel buttons, you can call 17005011506 to see it working). I 
> have to work now on transfers and hangups. If time permits I will finish 
> later today or maybe tomorrow.
> For anyone interested in Flash Operator Panel, there is a mailing list 
> to discuss about it. You can subscribe sending a mail to 
> operator_panel-subscribe at lists.house.com.ar
> Best regards,

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