[Asterisk-Users] Can one send CLID NAME over PRI?

Nicholas Bachmann asterisk at not-real.org
Fri Jun 25 18:16:55 MST 2004

Jason Kawakami wrote:

>>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Can one send CLID NAME over PRI?
>>Reply-To: asterisk-users at lists.digium.com
>>Is it possible to send CLID NAME on a PRI?
>>The numbers we send out are being received by telco and propagated,
>>but the names we send out are not showing up.
>>Is this a feature in PRI?  Do we need to set PRI_NET instead of PRI_CPE?
>>Is this just not possible?  Is this a telco config issue?
>my experience with this is the carrier is doing some matching of presented
>number (what you are sending them) to their records of the 'owner' of that
You're correct; the telco takes the number you've sent and uses their 
own database to figure out CLID name.

>If for example you present your billing telephone number to them
>they will send out your name with the number but otherwise I have had little
>I have heard of working with a local/regional ps or carrier 911 coordinator
>to have this fixed but have had no experience with it.
If the OP is trying to get correct location information to a PSAP, he 
might have the telco set up several phone numbers with the physical 
address of each building, so that when dialing out, they see the correct 
location of the emergency call.  This would be easy enough to set up in 
the dialplan or even sip.conf.


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