[Asterisk-Users] Channel bank problem via long cable

Jorge Mendoza mendoza at tcc.com.pe
Thu Jun 24 17:31:49 MST 2004

Probably an impedance problem. PCM line signals are designed to be 
transmitted over a *twisted telephone cable* having 120 ohms at 1 MHz. 
I'm not sure that cat6 cable fulfil this requirement.
Maybe cat3.


Bonzo Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 08:24:03PM -0700, Bonzo Armstrong wrote:
>>On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 03:04:52PM -0500, Nik Martin wrote:
>>>Try this if possible.  Connect the channel bank to * via the 400' cable, but
>>>in the same room as the * box, with all the cable coiled on the floor.
> Next best thing:  I took a coil of 200' of cable and used it to connect
> the working channel bank that's 200' away to its patch bay.  Lo and
> behold, same problem.  I also patched this rig into the port that's
> supposed to be configured with an LBO of 399'+ and I still get the
> same problem.
> I believe this rules out location and leaves the length of the cable as
> the culprit.  This is all using cat6 cable, fwiw.  I'm really beginning
> to suspect the TE405P isn't cranking up the LBO like it's supposed to.
> I've asked Digium for some insight and hope to hear back from them today.
> Anyone have any recommendations for good T1 extenders?
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