[Asterisk-Users] [Asterisk-Users]Re: Welltech FXO: initial tests

Claudio.loletti claudio.loletti at email.it
Thu Jun 24 10:25:04 MST 2004


After flashing the rom to the new version and reconfiguring the unit, many
problems were solved...

Unfortunatly today something strange seems to happen.

The 3804 stopped sending registration request to the asterisk proxy.

Here it is the most significant part of its configuration:
proxy mode
proxy ip = asterisk ip
sip port = 5060 (asterisk sip port is the same)
RTP port 16384
expire = 900

line1 account = pstn01
line1 pwd = test
line2 account = pstn02
line2 pwd = test
and so up to four

system config
keypad type = inband
inter digi time = 3
ring time = 200
Ring before answer = 1
end of dial = disable

voice setting
1st codec = A-law
2nd codec = u-law
only those 2 are enbled on asterisk
silence suppression = off
echo cancelling = on

phone book and prefix config are empty (default)

routing table not changed (default)

here is the result of the \"sip show peers\" cmd on the * console

ns04*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username    Host                 Mask             Port     Status
pstn04           (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
pstn03           (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
pstn02           (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
pstn01           (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
6004             (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
lan02/lan02 (D)  5060     OK (66 ms)
lan01/lan01 (D)  5060     OK (64 ms)
ns04*CLI> exit

here is part of the sip.conf file

; secret=test
callerid=\"pstn01\" <065600001>
canreinvite = yes

here is the resul of the \"sip show users\" cmd n the * console

ns04*CLI> sip show users
Username         Secret           Authen           Def.Context      A/C
pstn04                            md5              local-calls      No
pstn03                            md5              local-calls      No
pstn02                            md5              local-calls      No
pstn01                            md5              local-calls      No
6004                              local-calls      No
lan02                             md5              local-calls      No
lan01                             md5              local-calls      No

The strangest thing is that the 3804 at the very beginning, started to fail
registration and after a couple of reboot stooped to send any REGISTRATION

Hope you can help!

Thanks in advance

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