[Asterisk-Users] tdm (and x100p?) echo - fix is coming!

TC trclark at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 24 09:48:59 MST 2004

> > I don't think that I'd play around with other values though. There were
> > three lines of code changed in chan_zap.c and two of those lines were
> > dependent on values from each other. Example: changing from 400
> > to 800 required another statement change from "w" to "ww". I'd have to
> > assume the "w" is a character/tone code to be used within the cancel
> > training (or something like that). If you changed to echotraining=600,
> > then how is the code going to insert a half a "w"? (I didn't look at
> > the final cvs code, but would guess the choices are "yes" or "800",
> > and everything else is silently ignored.)
> Don't see any change from "w" to "ww" in the CVS head if its the memset
> lines above.
Yah I just checked that code to be sure but its ok to play with the delay
that are *NO* depends on changing the delay, In fact the only issue you will
is a sanity check that echotraining=10-2000ms outside of that range you will
get a warning and the value will default

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