R: [Asterisk-Users] How to force G729

Manuel Wenger manuel.wenger at ticinocom.com
Thu Jun 24 08:59:57 MST 2004

> Use two separate entries with type=peer and type=user instead of one
> entry with type=friend.

Tried that as well. This triggers yet another misbehaviour...

I tried to define 2 peers (for the outgoing calls), one called [gateway-g729] and one called [gateway-ulaw], each allowing only the codec specified in the name. Then I defined 1 "user" for incoming calls from the gateway (called [gateway-in]), with both g729 and ulaw in the allow list.

And you know what happens? Outgoing calls are now fine (I can direct them either to @gateway-g729 or @gateway-ulaw in the Dial() command), but incoming calls seem to have a live on their own, and choose whatever codec they prefer. Even if I setvar(SIP_CODEC=ulaw), the gateway-to-asterisk channel seems to remain in g729 (at least that's what I can tell from "show g729" - because "sip show channels" looks correct, both ULAW). 

At some point I get that message:
Jun 24 16:37:14 NOTICE[1104739248]: chan_sip.c:1314 sip_answer: Changing codec to 'ulaw' for this call because of ${SIP_CODEC) variable

And yes, in "sip show channels" the gateway-to-asterisk channel is marked as ULAW, but for some reason a G729 license is used up, because the call did start in G729... Any ideas?

I guess I'm very close to the solution, but now G729 licenses are acting weird and are being used even in ULAW-to-ULAW calls which started with G729 in the beginning...


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