[Asterisk-Users] tdm (and x100p?) echo - fix is coming!

Isamar Maia isamar at isamarmaia.org
Wed Jun 23 18:54:06 MST 2004

Beside of problem of CallerID not working in several countries, what
specially I still don't know if it's a X100P's limitation or Zap driver
limitation, the major problem with this devices is no doubt the echo.
If you guys can solve this with tdms and x100ps, it's gonna be a big

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Rich Adamson wrote:

> Good news!
> FYI, worked with Mark this afternoon to test changes needed to reduce
> or eliminate echo involving pstn calls on the new tdm fxo card (bug
> #1902).
> Three simple source code changes (testing-only at this point) resulted
> in zero detectable echo on all incoming and outgoing tdm pstn calls,
> even in the first second or two. I've not noticed any unusual side
> effects at all. Since the changes were only to chan_zap.c, I'll have
> to guess it will improve the historic x100p echo issues as well, and
> probably other zap channels also.
> The changes were associated with the echo cancel routines, but as a
> non-programmer, I'm not sure what these changes really do (other than
> the end result).
> If these changes prove to be successfull, then Mark is going to make
> them configurable options somewhere. Got'a love it.
> Rich
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