[Asterisk-Users] New VM feature: broadcast and delete=yes

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Jun 23 14:43:09 MST 2004

New in CVS - taken from bug 1361:

Voicemail broadcasts 
Description: Add a flag to the last field of voicemail boxes that allows 


Also permits voicemail to be entered in the following manner, to allow
multiple recipients for a single recording:

Example 1:

1235 => 4242,Example Group,,,cc=4200;4300;*@other|delete=1

This entry creates a group mailbox at mailbox 1235, which, on receipt, is
copied to mailboxes 4200, 4300, and all mailboxes in vm context other.
Following the copy to these other mailboxes, the original email is

Example 2:

1236 => 4242,Sales Trainee,trainee at localhost,,cc=8000

This entry creates a mailbox for a trainee, whose incoming messages are 
be copied to user mailbox 8000 (presumably the sales trainer).

Example 3:

1237 => 4242,VM via Email,moocow at hotmail.com,,delete=1

This entry allows voicemail to be attached and sent to moocow at hotmail.com
and the original voicemail subsequently deleted.

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