[Asterisk-Users] sidetone noticeably loud on analog handsets on T100P

Paul Zimm pbzinc at dejazzd.com
Wed Jun 23 12:51:08 MST 2004

I just received some new analog phones that sound great, the sidetone 
isn't noticeable. They are Easy Touch 76510's by NorthWestern Bell 
Phones. The problem still exists for my other analog phones.  :(

> I figure it probably must have to do with my Rhino Equipment FXS 
> channel bank guys...  I'm in the process of researching if there's 
> anyway to adjust it on the equipment.  I also agree with what some of 
> you guys are reporting re. the rx/txgain not making any difference.  I 
> think that's for the same reason that changing the same variables 
> within Asterisk really didn't solve the problem.  You get volume 
> differences, but the *sidetone* itself seems unaffected by those changes.
>> I have played with the tx/rxgain settings on the Adit600. They don't 
>> seem to have any effect on the
>> sidetone issue.

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