[Asterisk-Users] *69

Jeremy Jones jjones at westcomllc.com
Tue Jun 22 10:34:49 MST 2004

Got it!

> How about just before you dial an extension you do a:
> and then *69 does a:
> (from your extension) and you can dial it? 

Here's what I've done--

In my extension macro:

exten=s,1,DBput(LastCIDNum/${DNID}=${CALLERIDNUM})	; grab
CALLERIDNUM & store it for the dialed number as LastCIDNum

And in my [apps]:

; Return last call
exten => *69,1,DBget(temp=LastCIDNum/${CALLERIDNUM})	; read db value
LastCIDNum for this CALLERIDNUM (i.e. the extension making the call)
exten => *69,2,GotoIf($[${temp:0:3} = 208]?3:4)		; if it's area
code 208 (my local area), go to priority 3, otherwise priority 4
exten => *69,3,Macro(dialout,${temp:3})			; call my
dialout macro, stripping the 208
exten => *69,4,Macro(dialout,${temp})			; call my
dialout macro, using full string
exten => *69,103,Congestion					; no
key? congestion
exten => *69,104,Congestion					; no
key? congestion

Works like a friggin charm!

Jeremy Jones

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