[Asterisk-Users] zapata initial context question

Michael George george at auroravideosys.com
Tue Jun 22 06:41:02 MST 2004

I'm not sure how I can handle timeouts and invalid extensions for my 
Zaptel channels...

Their default context is [internal], and in internal I have defined 
extensions i and t to handle timeouts and invalid extensions.

However, the default for the Zaptel channels is "immediate=no", so the 
default context is only "run" when input has been entered.  This means 
that the i and t extensions are not considered until a number has been 
entered.  After a while, or on an invalid entry, I get a hangup instead 
of the flow of control I wish.

If I create an extension to do a goto(s,1), then i and t will act as I 
expect.  This has also been a problem for setting variables in the s 
extension in that default context, because the s extension is not 

I can set "immediate=yes" it the context will start executing at the s 
context and the i and t extensions are handled as I expect.  However, 
this has implications with the dialtone in that there is none.

The FXO channels begin exectuing their default context immediately.

Is there a "routine" way to do this?


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