[Asterisk-Users] IRC

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Sat Jun 19 11:53:05 MST 2004

Michael Sandee wrote:

> Damn dude, you are a worse troll than me... :P
> The fact is, freenode is so laggy with, but not restricted to, nickserv 
> registrations... that the thing called "perform" in most irc clients is 
> messed up, when using it to join some channels. Which can be useful when 
> you are not on a very stable or 24/7 connection, such as dial-up or 
> hong-kong based broadband connections ;)

Then people need to complain to freenode.

> Other than that, it sucks to have it this way... but I know it is a 
> problem with the spambots. Having the channel +s might be a better way 
> to "fight" spambots, without putting a restriction on the users.

fight? they already know #asterisk exists.

Jeremy McNamara

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