[Asterisk-Users] Fax with SPA-2000's?

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Sat Jun 19 05:51:59 MST 2004

We have it working reliably on calls coming in over a T1, I don't remember
the exact settings we used, but I will send on Monday when I'm back in the
office. Make sure that everything is 711Ulaw only and that your fax or modem
operates no faster than 9600, data through Asterisk analog lines won't go
any faster than 9600.


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I've been trying to get fax reception to work using an SPA-2000 to ring 
the fax machine or modem that's taking fax calls. I was curious if 
anyone else had tried something similar, and if so, had any luck 
getting it to work reliably. I've been able to get it to work, but it 
isn't reliable. (Pages/lines of black dots result more frequently than 
not.) The incoming lines are FXO and going to something digital isn't 
an option. My setup looks like this:

POTS <---> X100P FXO <--> Asterisk <--> SPA-2000 SIP <--> Fax

Would I be better off using spandsp and have * take the fax call? Would 
a PCI FXS card be the best solution instead of the SPA-2000? I still 
need to be able to send using a traditional fax machine, which I'm 
guessing will suffer the same problem with the SPA-2000 that reception 

If someone has been able to use the SPA-2000 to receive faxes reliably, 
I'd appreciate any tips or configuration settings. Here's my zapata 

channel => 1
channel => 2

SPA-2000 is set to use ulaw only, changed Echo Supp Enable to "No" from 

Seth "et lux in tenebris lucet" Mattinen
sethm at rollernet.us

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