[Asterisk-Users] Big problem with Flash

Navnit Chachan navnit at tentrams.com
Sat Jun 19 01:00:59 MST 2004

small point. * will not go to priority 3 unless Zap/1/7 hangs up
You can send DTMF directly by the dial command by using the option D(digits)
but am not sure about flash

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From: Thorsten Gehrig
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Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2004 1:04 PM
Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Big problem with Flash

i have connected my asterisk to an PBX (via cheap FXO-card).

I must dial 7 for my door system - and than again Flash-7 to open the door.
I can repeat the "Flash-7" as often as I want to open the door.

my problem is to build the right extensions.
exten => 777,1,Answer()
exten => 777,2,Dial(ZAP/1/7,60,tTHg)
exten => 777,3,Flash(ZAP/1)
exten => 777,4,SendDTMF,7
exten => 777,5,Answer()
exten => 777,5,Wait,10

I can dial "777" on my Asterisk-Phone (SIP) and I will be connected to the
door system of the PBX.
but I cant dial Flash-7 for open the door.

any hints?

thank you
thorsten gehrig

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