[Asterisk-Users] Big problem with Flash

Thorsten Gehrig Thorsten at gehrig.de
Sat Jun 19 00:34:04 MST 2004


i have connected my asterisk to an PBX (via cheap FXO-card).


I must dial 7 for my door system - and than again Flash-7 to open the door.

I can repeat the "Flash-7" as often as I want to open the door.


my problem is to build the right extensions.

exten => 777,1,Answer()

exten => 777,2,Dial(ZAP/1/7,60,tTHg)

exten => 777,3,Flash(ZAP/1)

exten => 777,4,SendDTMF,7

exten => 777,5,Answer()

exten => 777,5,Wait,10


I can dial "777" on my Asterisk-Phone (SIP) and I will be connected to the
door system of the PBX.

but I cant dial Flash-7 for open the door.


any hints?


thank you

thorsten gehrig


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