[Asterisk-Users] TE410P / Eicon PRI

Michael Devenijn Michael.Devenijn at dkma.be
Fri Jun 18 08:50:06 MST 2004

Ok i understood ... and started testing RxFax/TxFax !

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better send the EUR 10k (not $10k... :)  ) to the author of spandDSP.
Nobody needs HylaFAX for receiving faxes. Converting a tiff to pdf and
storing it somewhere is not rocket science. ;)

best regards

Am Fr, 2004-06-18 um 17.08 schrieb Lee Howard:
> If you would rather use HylaFAX instead of spandsp and have $10K to 
> throw around, then may I suggest hiring an Asterisk channel author to 
> write a T.38-supporting channel driver?  That way you could just use 
> t38modem with HylaFAX, and you wouldn't need all the duplicate hardware.
> Lee.

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