[Asterisk-Users] Hwo to get CallerID: SIP -> ISDN

Martin List-Petersen martin+asterisk at list-petersen.net
Fri Jun 18 07:40:30 MST 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 15:16, Bernie Hoeneisen wrote:
> Hi!
> I trying to configure * in a way, that it uses a different CLIP (Caller-Id
> in ISDN) per SIP user, when relaying the call from SIP to the ISDN. So far
> always the main (1st) number of the number-block is sent to the ISDN.
> I have a E100P from Digium and use the zapata stuff (chan_zap).
> All SIP calls are coming through an SER.

Have you tried just to use SetCallerID in * before you dispatch the call
to your ZAP channel ?

> One idea I had in mind is to assign userid's in SIP, that match the
> extension of the number block, e.g. "854". * could then take
> the user part of the From header field of the incoming SIP INVITE and
> relay this numeric user part (e.g. 854) to the chan_zap, so that the
> CLIP in the ISDN appears as the number assigned to SIP user.

You can also maintain a database (astdb etc.) which matches the
phoneno.'s against you SIP id's, but your suggestion is easier.
Maintainance free.

It depends a bit on what userbase you have for your SIP users. How much you manage them or if
they are created/maintained by third party.

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen
martin (at) list (dash) petersen (dot) net

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