[Asterisk-Users] IAX Jitter Buffer

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Fri Jun 18 05:14:07 MST 2004

On Friday 18 June 2004 02:46, George Pajari wrote:
> (b) other times we would experience no audio in one direction for between 1
> and 4 seconds and then things would seem to work fine;

I just had this problem with my * setup:

KSU -> Adit600 -> T100P -> IAX2(Office) -> IAX2(Colo) -> IAX2(Nufone)

The *Colo box never steps out of the way since *Office is not routeable to 
*Nufone (no NAT, but rather two network interfaces at *Colo, one going 
directly to *Office.

The Colo box also has a TE405P in it going to the telco PRI for local calls, 
but dropouts never occured on those calls; only on calls to Nufone.  I turned 
off jitter buffer and moved to the GSM codec at the request of Nufone's 
technical support department (and turned on IAX2 trunking, I had it disabled 
since calls between *Office and *Colo would exhibit "bursty" audio) and the 
problem went away.

So no, I don't think jitter buffer's quite there yet, although I *never* had 
that problem before this week.  Perhaps it's a recent CVS "fix".  :-)


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