[Asterisk-Users] IAX Jitter Buffer

steve at daviesfam.org steve at daviesfam.org
Fri Jun 18 00:27:23 MST 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, George Pajari wrote:

> Q1: Are there any statistics collected/available or diagnostics tools to
> tell us how much of this can be attributed to packet loss and how much to
> packet jitter and to measure quantitatively how bad this is?
> Q2: Is jitterbuf working well enough to try again?
> Q3: Any other suggestions for improving voice quality with IAX links?

Hi George,

I'm looking at the jitter buffer and will persevere until it works right
for me.  (Here in South Africa Internet quality is not of US standard!)

I did find one small problem and have a fix which hopefully will go into 
CVS.  But I think further tweaking is also desirable.

I see on bugs.digium.com stevek has also submitted some adjustments which 
have stimulated discussion.

So check asterisk-dev, check bugs.digium.com and I think we'll get the 
jitter buffering right.


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