[Asterisk-Users] festival with asterisk problem

Michael George george at auroravideosys.com
Fri Jun 18 04:40:30 MST 2004

On Jun 16, 2004, at 4:05 PM, Michael George wrote:
> Following the installation directions on the wiki, I got festival 
> built and installed.  However, when I hit it from my dialplan, I get:
> Feature Token_Method not defined
> I found only one reference to this error message in the archives and 
> there was no solution...

Once again I find that I didn't follow the directions...

Since I found this question in the archives with no answer and since I 
asked it again, I thought I'd answer myself so that the next person who 
runs into it can have it solved very quickly...

The problem I had was that I FTP'd the festvox tarball, but I didn't 
unpack it.  So there was no default voice there for festival to use.  
Unpacking the festvox and the other non-source code files solved the 
problem right away.


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